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Back in 1974, Mr. François Létourneau acquired a building located near Route 143 in Waterville...

Construction Materials Létourneau: Our History

A Quality Establishment

In 1974, Mr. François Létourneau, eager to take his early retirement from the construction sector, acquired a building of about 3500 sq. ft., located off Route 143, Waterville. This building had previously housed a souvenir shop that had to close its doors following a decline in traffic from the United States caused by the construction of Highway 55.


The Strength of Partnership

From the outset, Mr. Létourneau put his knowledge to good use and started the construction of several warehouses. In 1977, Construction Materials Létourneau joined the Dismat group, which was bought by another company in 1996. The company therefore chose to partner instead with Group BMR, shortly before the death of Mr. Létourneau.


A Growing Business

In 2002, major renovations were undertaken to revamp the new group’s corporate image. Construction Materials Létourneau at this point had 50 employees. From 2003-2008, a prosperous economy helped boost sales and the number of employees climbed to 62.


At the end of 2008, due to lack of space, the company acquired the site formerly operated by another company, Materials à Bas Prix, to be used as a warehouse. After careful consideration and a lot of investment, Construction Materials Létourneau opened a second branch in early 2009.


Our Mission

Our company aims to serve contractors and the DIY sector for all their needs for building materials and various hardware equipment.


Our Specialties

Construction Materials Létourneau specializes in two aspects that are fundamental to us: customer service and a human touch. To make a success of our business, we believe it is a priority for us to focus on providing unparalleled customer service.


Whatever your project, we are always willing to help you achieve its successful completion. For all your exterior or interior projects, we are the place to go!

Today, Construction Materials Létourneau has two branches with more than 90 employees, a fleet of almost 20 trucks including 5 mobile cranes, as well as an extremely dynamic team!

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