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How to choose your exterior door, or the art of beautifying the facade of your house… while staying warm

The choice of an exterior door must be based on 2 principles: aesthetics AND energy efficiency. Because in addition to making the facade of your home warm and aesthetic, the main door must also protect you against (costly!) heat loss. At Matériaux de construction Létourneau, supplier of doors and windows in Estrie, we reveal some tips to help you find your new exterior door.

Choosing an exterior door according to the style of your home and trends

What is the style of your house? Traditional? Contemporary? Ideally, the design of your front door should match the rest of the property. While wooden door designs are sure to enhance traditional, rustic and Victorian homes, steel or fiberglass doors liven up more modern residences. Furthermore, the current trend is towards minimalism; THEexterior doors with clean lines are selling like hotcakes! Are you bold? Dare to mix styles: certain steel or fiberglass doors with a contemporary look can give a very interesting character to a wooden home!

Energy Star certified doors: to save on your heating costs;

Did you know that you can lose up to 25% of indoor heat through the doors and windows of your home? If you purchase an Energy Star certified door adapted to the climate zone where you live, you will save substantially on your heating costs. For more information on the subject, visit the website of Natural Resources Canada.

Installing an exterior door: a project for experienced DIYers

Installing an entrance door is not a trivial project, because the slightest error can cause various operating problems. So, unless you are a seasoned manual worker, entrust this mission to professionals!

You have a project in mind ? Call now our specialists in doors and windows who will be pleased to advise you according to your needs in the greater Sherbrooke region!

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